Cooper and Janessa standing high above a clear blue lake and mountainous landscape

I'm a technical SEO based in Tacoma, WA. I have a deep passion for developing digital products that are fast, sustainable, and accessible by default.

A recent transplant to the Pacific Northwest, you can find me, my wife and our two dogs exploring all that Washington has to offer. Whether it's a new local restaurant, hiking trail, or ski slope, I'm always down for adventure.

I started my career in 2015 doing marketing for a transportation and gas-price signage company. An insatiable desire learn and move faster let me to the "agency-life", helping businesses small and large earn more visbility online.

Today I work along-side a talented team of in-house SEOs, at a large eCommerce retailer, bringing techncical SEO strategy to life.

Working with me

"Cooper is one of the most talented marketers and problem solvers I've had the privilege of sharing an office with. "

-- BJ Enoch

"He is effective at taking complex ideas and presenting them in a way that decision makers can quickly understand."

-- Ryan Jones

"He's crazy smart, so driven it inspires me to work harder, and one of the most collaborative teammates I've ever had"

-- Sarah Petrie

"He quickly learns and understands the web systems in his orbit, and uses that knowledge to collaborate on technical solutions. Any team would count themselves lucky to work with such an expedient and reliable contributor."

-- David Duffy

"Since the first day he started, he has been eager to make change and advance the company in new ways. He brings as fresh sense of creativity to the table and does a great job at conducting the necessary research to support and refine project goals. "

-- AJ Fisher